Hotel Management Services


Full hotel management

• Reservations
• Accounting and Finance
• Sales & Marketing
• Legal Services
• Staff Training
• Tenders
• Quality control
• Double value increase in 2-3 years


Sales & Marketing

• Sales
• Reservations
• Marketing strategy development
• Consultancy on development stage
• Reorganization and rebranding
• Flexible criteria for "joining the club"
• Full pricing policy analysis


Investment & Consulting

• Hotel business for purchase
• Hotel business for sale
• Risk assessment
• Attraction of investments
• Investor search and evaluation
• Funding existing or developing real estate
• Full hotel analysis
• Efficient sales planning



• Real estate perspectives assessment
• Business plan development and action
• New property construction
• Development and Acquisition
• New project procurement
• Tenders for cost optimisation
• Control and supervision


Hotel Brands

Wellton Hotels | 3 properties (Riga)
★★★★ 4-star hotels

Wellton Hotels is a new and rapidly growing hotel brand, which combines upper-market 4-star hotels with SPA centres. All Wellton Hotels have a convenient and prominent location in Riga city centre.
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Rixwell Hotels | 6 properties (Riga)
★★★ 3-star and ★★★★ 4-star hotels

Rixwell Hotels are mid-market and lower mid-market properties, targeted for a wide range of customers. More than half of the hotels hold 4 - star ratios. All Rixwell Hotels have a convenient location in the centre of the city or nearby.
View Rixwell hotels

Rija Hotels | 6 properties (Riga, Bauska, Tallinn)
★★★ 3-star

Rija Hotels are mid-market and lower mid-market properties, targeted for a wide range of customers. All Rija Hotels have a convenient location in strategic locations.
View Rija hotels

Winwinstay | Riga

WINWINSTAY is part of the “Mogotel” group. WINWINSTAY transform long-term leases into short-term leases by renting your apartment for a long time and subletting it to visitors to Riga on a short-term basis.
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