Jelena Stirna

General Manager

Representative of the values and culture of Mogotel Hotel Group. She has over 10 years of experience in hospitality business since 2009. She is talented and enthusiastic personality, who knows every detail of hotel business. Jelena is a responsible and convincing leader of a team of more than 450 employees.

Management board

Inese Zača

Administrative Director

Team leader with a strong personality and seven years of experience in the management of hotels and restaurants.

Ralfs Krumbergs

Business Development Manager

More than 15 years of experience in business development, real estate and consulting abroad.

Alona Serova

New Projects' Manager

Professional of hotel management since 2009.

Sanda Roze

Director of Sales & Marketing

Head of marketing, sales and hotel management in Mogotel since 2009.

Dace Stradiņa-Ungure

Head of Sales Department

A professional with Swiss Hotel Management School education and experience in sales not only in Latvia but also in Great Britain and Switzerland.

Marija Mazeviča

Chief Accountant

Professional in accounting and managing of finances in international companies since 2002.
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